[INFO] Guild Info, History, & Application

READ THIS THREAD before you ask to join the guild!


  • We are the largest (and oldest) Southeast Asia (SG-gateway) guild in Path of Exile
  • We started in 2013 as <SEA> and in 2015 rebuilt into <FORGE>
  • We have a very active member-base.
  • We do all endgame content. Most of our players are hardcore, veteran, min/max type players.
  • We are mostly playing in leagues (especially when they are good).
  • We have a few members playing HC but 90% of us play SC mode.
  • We play together - map rotations, farming, theorycrafting builds, etc.
  • We’re mature, we like to have fun, talk shit to eachother, and make PoE more enjoyable.


  • Inactivity for >2 months will get you kicked from guild.
  • If you are kicked you can always re-join, if there is space.
  • If you dont want to get kicked and you know you will be away for >2 months - you should leave a note in-game on your “status” bar (in social settings menu). Or contact us directly by PM/email telling us.
  • Anyone abusing guild bank will be kicked immediately. Taking too many items, and not putting anything in, etc.
  • Anyone taking things from guild bank to sell, will be permanently banned.
  • Talk about anything you want in guild chat.
  • If you are selling things to the guild, they should be highly discounted. Like 30-50% discounted (EG: 50-70ex for a 100ex item).
  • If you are buying something from a guild member, you should be using it - and ask if they want to buy it back if you plan to sell it.
  • Buying items from guild members just to re-sell will get you permanently banned.
  • Officer tabs on guild bank are where we put expensive items - you can ask an officer for one if you need it, but we expect you to put it back when you are done with it, or give it to another guild member.
  • Anyone caught scamming of any sort will be publicly listed here and on our thread on PoE forums and permanently banned.
  • This guild is for NORTH AMERICAN and SOUTHEAST ASIAN players (including Australia/NZ).
  • Play hard, have fun, make friends - and profit…

GAMERSFORGE EXILES began in 2013, when the guild feature was released. Originally we were <SEA> - a guild that ended up becoming inactive after 2 years with leadership taking break from the game. We then reformed into <FORGE> in 2015 and have been the largest SEA-based guild since.
In 2019 the guild leader who had moved to the US and started playing again, opened the guild to NA-based players.

We get allot of requests to join our guild. Therefor we ask everyone who wants to join us to give us a little info first to make sure they will fit into our guild well (and also to see if they are mature enough to follow a simple request) :slight_smile:

To join us, make a new thread in our application sub-forum: CLICK HERE

Answer the following questions in your post:

  1. What is your IGN?
  2. Do you live in Southeast Asia - or North America?
  3. What country do you live in?
  4. How old are you?
  5. How many years/months have you played PoE?
  6. Have you completed Uberlab, Uber Atziri, Guardians, Shaper, Elder?
  7. What is your highest level character?


  • Website & Forum
  • Discord Channel (Voice Chat)
  • Path of Exile Forum Thread
  • Donation-Matching (all donations to guild will be matched 1:1 by leadership)
  • Active Players
  • Unlimited Guild Slots
  • Guild Stash, Officer Stash, Sharing & Caring Community
  • Events, Challenges, & Races
  • Mature & Friendly = Speak your mind. We are not here to police each-other.
  • Open Guild = All leagues, All players!


  • Mythal
  • PrimeUnion
  • VampireHeart