Guild Application - Zoltorion

  1. What is your IGN?
    Zoltorion - Current character is Zolt_BleedBoi
  2. Do you live in Southeast Asia - or North America?
  3. What country do you live in?
  4. How old are you?
  5. How many years/months have you played PoE?
    Started playing at the end of incursion so about a year now.
  6. Have you completed Uberlab, Uber Atziri, Guardians, Shaper, Elder?
    Only one of those I haven’t done is Uber Atziri because the risk/reward seems bad.
  7. What is your highest level character?

I tried sending an invite to this char - but it says “does not exist”

So - let me know what one of your char’s name is for an invite!