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INFO: Want your own dedicated game server? CHECK HERE!
Available now - your own dedicated game server for any game you want - as long as it runs on linux. I only host linux servers currently though can host windows servers again if the demand is high. Linux are always the best servers though.

All servers will be hosted in IBM dedicated T1 datacenters - available worldwide - there is no better servers available in the world than that.
For the price of each server - link me a public game server host as the cheapest option available to purchase for your game. I will look to verify their pricing, and will charge you HALF of whatever their price is for your desired setup.

This means with gamersforge you get:
  • Dedicated private shard server
  • 3-5TB/month bandwidth (can make it unlimited, but you wont need it)
  • Direct SSH access to your server
  • Pay at the END of each month - meaning you are satisfied with your server each month - or dont pay! (If no payments at end of month - server will shut down)
  • Support for your server right here in this forum
  • Best possible latency connection as the server is on T1 (this means it is on the first tier of the internet's backbone)

Game server hosts only provide you with:
  • Shared host on a virtual machine, shared with dozens or hundreds of other game servers
  • Limited bandwidth (usually less than 1TB/month)
  • Limited or no support / setup for your gameserver
  • MOST hosts dont allow direct SSH access to the server, only give you admin in-game
  • Much more lag - as server is shared and most hosts dont have dedicated datacenters for their servers on T1 backbones

GamersForge servers are usually setup with a $300-400/month configuration. Yet they will only cost you HALF of whatever the best gameserver hosts charge anyway (anywhere from $10-50/month typically). I do this as a service for fun since I dont need the money. I only charge to make sure you are serious about running a good server.

In your server name, you should include the tag [GAMERSFORGE] somewhere. It can be at the end of the server name or at the front - or wherever you want it. That is all I ask.

Private Message me here on these forums or email me to get setup!
Make a new post in this forum with the name of your game, the link(s) to best/cheapest gameserver hosts available, and I'll contact you back to get you running.
Payments must be made by paypal.

Any more info you need just post a question in this thread!
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